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21st century is welcomed ever as the crossing of all the barriers which have been existing and deeply rooted in the typical Indian conservative society such as caste, creed, race, tradition, gender, superior and inferior etc. This century gave an identity that it serves and nurtures the intellectual as well as humble human being. If we have a glance at our surrounding aspects, one will come to know that the world is on the edge of change as per the saying ‘Change is the rule of nature’. Taking into account this changing world one has to think about the expectations of Marketing Strategy. Beginning of the global market has become mandatory for the interested businessmen in the field of production. It is very essential that the things should be easily available at the local prices to the consumers all over the world.

It’s an easy task to capture the world by accepting the teachings of Nonviolence and humbleness of Mahatma Gandhiji. It can be said that humbleness is the biggest investment in the service sector. Once the promptness and humbleness go hand I hand, It’s possible to cater the service at global level. The service based on Reliance-Equality-Potentiality-Effectiveness with the help of trio policies like Humbleness-Promptness-frugality will be definitely satisfactory for the consumers. The Soyrik Pro is the perfect combination of all these principles in the field of service sector as the symbol of superstructure of Mangalya. Soyrik Pro is one the best platforms to make a ceremony more mindblowing and memorable than any other sevice caters in the world. It has such kind of potentialities to prove the best in this field.

Vastness of Soyrik Pro

Primary, Secondary(Manufacturing) and Invisible are the well-known three kinds of services. Demand based service economic business has become an important stage in the today’s revolutionary world. At the same time social media’s role in it increasing the scope of it every moment. Due to internet and social media communication has got an acceleration and it became faster. The needs and the service providers can approach within short period of time. Service is nothing but the response given to the needs of consumers by providing them service providers. So there is Soyrik Pro which is a platform under one roof to make an auspicious moment memorable and to fulfill your desires. India is the land of festivals. Each and every festival is being celebrated in grand way. Caste, creed, culture and tradition everything is enchanting. Traditional festivals and ceremonies are part and partial of our life. These things should be celebrated in an enthusiastic and fabulous way and it can be said that Soyrik Pro has been doing the same. And the best of ceremonies is Wedding Ceremony/Marriage Ceremony. It requires a precision planning to be the most memorable moment forever, and this be done by one and only “Soyrik Pro”

Concept of Marriage

The concept of marriage is defined as the confluence of two hearts. The amalgamation of two hearts as per the God’s will and fate is known as marriage. The concept of marriage is very sweet, it the process which makes positive changes in the societal structure and family system as well. It is considered to be one of the ceremony in any country, religion and caste. In our culture the physical relationship along with solely relationship between two is given much importance and it has a holy place in marriage system. Maintaining complete pleasure, enthusiasm in the places like Heart-Mind-Body equal importance is being given to Bramhacharya Ashram(Student), Grihastha Ashram(Householder), Vanprastha Ashram(Retired) and Sannyasa Ashram(renunciation) in Indian Culture. There the marriage relationship is of much significance till the end of life.

Types of Marriage:

There are 8 kinds of marriage

  • Bramha Vivah : In this type marriage is fixed by acceptance of proposal and agreement by both bride and bridegroom. Bride is sent to bridegroom’s home by decorating her with beautiful jewelries. In all the caste and religions marriage are set by the intervention, coordination, meeting between both the parties.
  • Daiva Vivah : In the Daiva form of marriage the father gives away his daughter as a dakshina [sacrificial fee] to a young priest who officiates the yajna which is arranged by him. This form of marriage is called daiva because the girl is gifted to a priest as sacrifice to a daiva or god..
  • Arsha Vivah : the form of marriage in which the father gives his daughter in marriage to the bridegroom after receiving some sort of value is known as Arsha Vivah.
  • Prajapatya Vivah: This marriage takes place without agreement of bride with the bridegroom of other caste.
  • Gandharv Vivah: in this type of marriage, both bride and bridegroom get married without permission of their parents and without caring tradition, rituals
  • Aasur Vivah : the bridegroom has to give money to the father or kinsman of the bride.
  • Rakshas Vivah: without consent of bride, bridegroom kidnaps her and marries her.
  • Paisacha Vivah : In this form of marriage, the man seduces by force a girl who is sleeping or intoxicated or disordered in intellect Even though there are many kinds of marriage one thing is true that the marriage should be taken place only by the agreement of both bride and bridegroom. Both should get correct information of each other. This is what the opinion of “Soyrik Pro”. And this “Soyrik Pro” service is also on the same base.

What is soyrikpro.com?

The guarantee of ensuring prosperous marriage life. The responsibility of providing essential services will be ours i.e. to visit www.soyrikpro.com Soyrik Pro will always be ready to help you in searching the right partner for both bride and bridegroom.

Soyrik Pro can give all over the world. Its absolutely free to register your name on the website. Soyrik Pro always welcomes the members who are going to get married for the first time. We are eagerly waiting for the widow, divorced and divyang members. The speciality of Soyrik Pro is that we provide services going beyond the professional attitude and play the role human being as a part of social bonding.The brides and bridegrooms who give Adhar Card will be given special points to get information of the parties. Bonus points will be given to the interested members who attach recommendation letters of five prestigious members of the society. Some extra points will be given if the members attach medical certificate for the better and healthy marriage life. This scheme is of providing financial benefit considering all these points. The services provided by Soyrik Pro will be transparent and trusted.

Services of Soyrik Pro :

The services of Soyrik Pro give auspicious experiences. It takes all the efforts to give colourful shapes to family ceremonies and make it to be in the hearts forever. It’s not only for bringing together bride and bridegroom but it also makes relationship between two families. Soyrik Pro’s work begins with problems of every unmarried member as if it is the problem of itself. It is also interested to give coordinator to have meetings and chats with the expected parties. It is a very important responsibility to be the mediator between both the parties. The major role of Soyrik Prois to get an idea of which information to be collected. After confirmation of the partners Soyrik Pro manages the entire planning and execution of marriageeventin such a way that everybody will appreciate it.Sometimes the interested members organize such event but they require some related facilities like Three Star, Five Star Hotels, Makeup, Mehandi, Band, Decoration, Panadol, Band Baja, Brahmin, Caterers, Entertainment all things will be provided by Soyrik Pro. Soyrik Pro gives services during the selection process and even after the marriage as well. We also cater the needs related to Astronomy, Statistics, VastuShastra doctors, advocates and Counselling etc.

Ring ceremony, naming ceremony and all other traditional events and rituals will be managed successfully. Soyrik Pro is nothing but walking hand in hand with IT skills and social bonding at the same time giving employment to needy people of the society

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