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Events have become integral parts of our lives today. Event is ‘unique moment of celebration and creation of unique experience’. For us , Event is any type of ceremony, competition, convention, happening, festival, media event or any kind of celebration. Current trend is of celebration of everything, all the happenings in the life of people. Expectations of people are increasing day by day. Events must be creative, different and neat. It needs precision, perfection and professionalism to turn it into grand event which can be remembered for longer time.

For us events mean -

E– Entertainment (Includes entertainment involving Fun, Games and Information)
V – Venue (Place for conducting the event successfully)
E – Equipment (Technical and non technical - used to run the show successfully)
N – News (News about the new product, movies, activities and offers)
T – Team (Everybody with different responsibility to make it successful)
S – Strategy (Like Financial, Marketing, Technical and Human Resources)

While celebrating events, generally host remains busy in all the management and cannot enjoy and take part in event. Presently everybody wants to enjoy life; people are earning more and spending on relaxation, enjoyment, recreation and entertainment. Lifestyle has been changed because of busy schedule. Events need to be planned carefully and meticulously. It is teamwork and requires strong team to make that event a success. Various tasks are to be done by experts and skilled people. So getting best team is the key for the success of event. People spend money on events, but there should be satisfaction and it should be memorable one.

Event Management is about creating experience by using right technique to make it successful and memorable. Event includes a diversified team of caterers, decorators, sound, music, light and lot many things. It is time bound activity and it is critical to conduct event in the required time frame. Our team will surely make events memorable. We are very much happy to share joy and happiness by providing event management services for the events like - Engagement or Ring ceremony, Theme Parties, Birthday Parties, Wedding Celebrations, Anniversaries, Fashion and Celebrity Shows, Road Shows, Film Awards, Celebrity Promotions, Musical, Banqueting Facilities, Tourist Attractions, Sports and Cultural Programs, Company conferences, Corporate Seminars, Workshop, Exhibitions, and Product Launch. There are the much publicized political events such as Republic Day parade, Victory Speeches and many more…….

Engagement or Ring ceremony

This is the ceremony in the Indian tradition which is a symbol of finalization to get married. To be Bride, Groom and their families have lots of dreams about this program. Exchange of rings is the main theme of this event and that is done in very innovative and creative way. We make this event memorable by bringing your dreams in reality.


The big fat Indian wedding has got bigger. No longer are weddings managed by only family members. Indian weddings have always been larger than life with rising income and willingness to spend. People want to enjoy weddings and they are looking for exotic locations, exquisite functions and lot more. This calls for Wedding Planner who will suggest creative themes and update about available options. There are lot of activities in an Indian Wedding – Invitation, Sangeet, Mehendi, Dress Designers, Photo shoot, Food and many more. Managing all this in a budget and still making it creative and extravagant is our skill.

Theme Parties/Birthday Parties/Anniversaries

Celebration of Birthday, Anniversary and other achievements has to be memorable one. Parties are organized to break the monotony and to rejoice for few hours. Beauty of such events is music and decoration. If party is for kids then it needs special efforts to make them happy with lots of fun and enjoyment. For other parties delicious and tasty food which should be neatly organized and served might be the success of party.

Award and Fashion Shows

With the several fashion weeks as well as film and television awards being instituted in the last couple of years, the demand for event management to take this challenge of organizing such events has been increased. These glamorous events attract everyone right from sponsors to the audience. It takes lot of efforts to plan and make successful such events with the response of huge audience.

Corporate Events

Events like Meetings, Conferences, Seminars, Workshops, product launches, road shows etc. are the variety of events managed under this category. These events are held by businesses for their staff, clients and stakeholders. Clients and customers are the life and breathe of every company. Special events are hosted for them. Workshops, Seminars and conferences are arranged for training the employees. Annual General Meeting, Board meeting also need lot of arrangements and hospitality. Product launch event aims at making grand entry of company’s new product for reaching to buyers and making publicity. Road shows also help to make brand popular in the market. It is the event aimed at promoting the product.


Sometimes terms Expo or Trade shows are also used. Exhibitions provide common platform for buyers and sellers to come together. These are considerably big events and trend is growing. It needs lot of planning and arrangement. It should take care of benefit of both visitors as well as stall holders. Such events become popular because people get good shopping experience and lot of options at one place. Our expert team handles all the tasks in most efficient way.

Celebrity Promotions and Musical Concerts

This is an entertainment event. Performances by famous artists, singers, dancers and celebrities are special events. Stage arrangement and arrangement for audience requires proper management by expert team.

Sports and Cultural Events

Events like marathon, matches, Olympics, Open Championships etc. come under Sports Event. Cultural events are mostly based on some themes of festivals with clear purpose and direction. These are community events and large variety of events like carnivals, melas, arts festival, music festival etc. are the part of the same.

Tourist Attractions

Visiting to famous places in and around city is attraction for tourists. Our team manages for all the hospitality required with perfect planning. Efforts are made to make these visits enjoyable, memorable and informative with all the needed comfort for the touris

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